In broad daylight…

Trying to clear up space on my hard drive of all the useless RAW images I have. Weighing in at 32mb a photograph, it’s not long before are TB hard drive gets tighter for space than a japanese train. So I pulled two from times past. Continue reading


“Home studio”

At some point on Friday night I had an irresistible urge to do some photos, but my recent photographic ventures have led me very far away from traditional work. I say traditional but what I mean is anyone who isn’t a bodybuilder. Continue reading

Ah Go On….

Convincing Emilia to get out of her pyjamas and dress for a quick photo session is no simple task. Hampered further when you account for her being stuck into some TV mini series on a rainy and overcast saturday afternoon! But that’s what happened. A few weeks of “foundation bickering” to let her know that she has to make the effort if she wants to be immortalized in her youthful state went a long way in this case! Continue reading

Street Photography Ninja!

The people and places we see everyday can often make us feel like there is nothing there to be inspired by. We see our homes, streets and attractions everyday and therefore it can be taxing to see them from a fresh perspective and to decide that they are worth photographing. That they could make even remotely interesting subjects to someone who is already familiar with the area. Continue reading

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