In broad daylight…

Trying to clear up space on my hard drive of all the useless RAW images I have. Weighing in at 32mb a photograph, it’s not long before are TB hard drive gets tighter for space than a japanese train. So I pulled two from times past. Continue reading


Top 5….

I wanted to do this for some time but it’s slow to settle on the right images. A few I knew of before I even went to look for them, but the others were the product of debate over one or the other.  Continue reading

Cable Time with Calin Brehaita


WOW, it’s been a long time since I’ve got to post anything here. I can admit it’s mainly through laziness and a lack of viable material to submit, but yeah it’s mainly laziness.

So I made a point recently of trying to focus on bodybuilding, fitness modelling and people in general. Although Continue reading

The Videos I Never Shoot Are Pretty Cool…

So the reason I bought the Canon 60D over other models was for it’s advanced video features and ability to shoot in 1080P. So far I’ve managed to shoot 1 video that took 35 minutes to hang around and film and then 2 hours to figure out how to clip the pieces together. Continue reading

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