Before I Forget….

  The sole purpose of this blog was to document my new hobby. I’ve always had great admiration for those who were leading consistently interesting enough lives to warrant a continuous pouring of written musings and productivity.  It’s fair to say my day job was never going to provide adequate foundation to support a writers purge, but photography seems legit. Continue reading


Cover Of Boredom

I think I’m losing it. I have nothing else to draw from on these barren hard drives. And the lack of a camera and subject is crushing me like the Terminators exo-skeleton in an industrial press. Continue reading

No Frills Portraiture

She’ll probably kill me for posting this but anyway. I still don’t have my kit but I’m productively spending my time revisiting old images on a recovered hard drive. As soon as I looked at this I knew it was worth a shine, and with no fancy gadgets or lighting effects, I can see that it’s an everyman portrait that any photographer could appreciate.  Continue reading

Life without a Lens

So, I sold all of my camera equipment lately. What spurred that rash decision?  Well I was eyeing up a lens that far out-prices the camera that I was going to mount it on. It was easy to see that this piece of glass shines best on a full frame body, and in my cropped sensor bubble I was never likely to see the full beauty of this beast on a Canon 60D. Continue reading

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