A video of me painting…

Literally that, I recorded a painting I cranked out earlier today and spewed a rant over the top.I can’t figure out how to imbed on my own website yet so a link will have to do for now! Continue reading


Progress Painting

Every now and then I will deviate from photography and show some other medium. I reckon it’ll give a bit of insight into why I’m into photography in the first place. I’ve been drawing and painting since I was a kid and I try to maintain some sort of output even when I’m preoccupied by other things. I might take pictures for other people but I only paint for myself. Bit of therapy and a break from everything else. I also dont intentionally try to learn anything. I know the basic principles of┬átraditional┬ápainting and colour control, shadows and highlights so it’s applied the same way here. Continue reading

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