Before I Forget….

  The sole purpose of this blog was to document my new hobby. I’ve always had great admiration for those who were leading consistently interesting enough lives to warrant a continuous pouring of written musings and productivity.  It’s fair to say my day job was never going to provide adequate foundation to support a writers purge, but photography seems legit.

Over this past year my experiences have been swayed by this welcome affliction. Taking me to places I would not have otherwise happened upon. I’ve met interesting and passionate people with unique degrees of vigor for their particular occupation. I’ve tried my best to establish and maintain a connection between my friends, my life and my output. The various conclusions, suggestions and critique I receive has undoubtedly been of great assistance in returning my focus.

Although my ability to hurl myself ungoverned into one solitary avenue is usually marred by my own contrary indifference to subjects I fall in and out of love with. My eagerness is rekindled from time to time, usually kick started by the work of others and used as bone of contention for my competitive side to excel and exceed.

Hope you enjoy watching this clip as much as I enjoyed living it!  The message at the end is for you guys!


About Paul Wilson Photography

I am a mid-week factory worker and a passionate weekend photographer. I also enjoy digital and traditional art, staying fit and online gaming!

2 responses to “Before I Forget….

  1. Sarah Natasha

    Paul, the uninspiring day job is actually ideal I think..(ever the optimist)
    If we are consistently surrounded by nothing but beauty or only ugliness, we become insensitive to our surroundings. In the same way if every hour was passed in photography I don’t think you’d derive the same degree of pleasure from it. As is the case with everything…
    “through a chink too wide there comes in no wonder”(Kavanagh; Advent) too much of anything is not a good thing..
    Sometimes when people adopt their hobby as a profession, it (more often than not) loses much of its appeal as it becomes mandatory and not by choice..
    (that said, work at what you enjoy and you’ll never work a day can be true too)
    I like your style of writing and only wish I too could develop some time management and continue with my own blog…
    I’m impressed by your work to date, so keep it up..
    Oh and take an abundance of photo’s of me soon please 😀


  2. Simon

    I really liked watching that compilation Paul, to be honest I found it curious that I couldn’t see all the other photos you do, apart from the ones you have obviously chosen as your “best shots”….. Not that they are not good but rather that I always found myself wondering what all the other ones were like! It was interesting to get a glimpse into all the other piles of photos you have taken over the year. Fair play to you for deciding you wanted to really try Photography and getting stuck in and working hard, you look like you are making some real headway!

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