I decided to bring Emilia to the Revive Cafe on Cross St. in the middle of Galway. I was in there not so long ago for the first time and I really enjoyed it.A simple, almost country house atmosphere at a busy intersection with good organic food and reasonably priced to. Although, arriving to any food outlet with Emilia in a tiresome and irritable mood was probably poor judgement on my behalf. Given that she herself had not already vetted the services and menu in a more neutral state of mind, I did detect a hint of pessimism about my plan to get lunch there.

She has several pet hates, the primary in my experience being an absolute intolerance to ingest anything with (solid) onion.  Therein lay the problem with her precarious decision to order the vegetable soup, while negating to carry out the usual inquiry regarding the contents of the Sunday broth.

“Onion. Onion. There’s onion in this.”

*Pushes the bowl away in nauseous disgust*

She looks pretty when she’s angry. Maybe that’s why I try to photograph her at times like this. A true emotion will wash a bit better with me as, generally speaking, natural expressions are obvious to a viewer  . Unlike the vomit inducing “happiness” of celebrity newly weds or the shallow emotive projections of everyday models who so often attempt to portray innocent unawareness of their beauty. Probably why I’m likely to prefer shooting bodybuilders and war instead of fashion/beauty. Or maybe I’ll just give potential models a quick jab in the kidneys to drag out a real emotion. Nothing sells a magazine cover quite like “I’ll see you in court!” 😀


About Paul Wilson Photography

I am a mid-week factory worker and a passionate weekend photographer. I also enjoy digital and traditional art, staying fit and online gaming!

3 responses to “Emilia

  1. Miss Melissa Apples

    AMAZING as always and I love the little old story too xxx

  2. Emilia on Pauls computer!

    hahahaha what a description ;D

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