Galway Bay Galleries – “Oil Paintings”

Soooooooo then. I made it to another outstanding art exhibit opening in Galway Bay Galleries. For those who don’t know, the Galleries are siamese to Galway Bay Tattoo but both provide different services as the titles would suggest. Unfortunately for me these launches sometimes cross paths with my chief financial resource, also known as evening shift in the factory of middle management melodrama. But lucky for me this latest of launches fell right on the starting line of my weekend off! And so, making haste from the grimly corporate lobby area of my employer, I cantered to lower Dominick Street to be present for the launch and catch up with friends.

Turning the corner to the gallery I was greeted by the bustling sight of a busy launch night. Galway Bay Galleries has truly achieved something very special with it’s dynamic platform. Bringing together different communities who all share a passion for art across multiple mediums and giving an ideal location to share ideas and creative spirit in a welcoming and enthusiastic environment.

The exhibition itself features 2 artists Catherine Walsh and Geraldine Doherty. While they have contrasting styles and technique, they share a common ground with their preferred medium of oil paints. I won’t elaborate on the specifics of work that’s currently on show in the gallery as I’m no critic, but I was humbled and inspired by the works and I implore you to get yourself down to the gallery and view it for yourself.

The ever gracious Stephen and Nancy play host alongside the artists themselves to offer art lovers a warm night, a relaxed atmosphere and a great show. I’ve wanted to help out in any way I can so I was only too happy to be granted permission to take some photos of the goings on.

I was shooting with a Fuji x100. A compact camera but one that is capable of taking solid images once you come to grips with the it’s many flaws (who needs autofocus?..right….). I love the style it forces the user to employ and it’s film emulation is a pleasure to work with in post. I didn’t get as many photos as I’d like to have. The place was very busy when I arrived but I was an hour late so by the time I was settled the crowd was shifting, so I’m sorry if I missed the important bits. I was informed one of the artists daughters had put on a musical performance, and being an avid musician I’m a bit gutted I missed it, but that’s life. Also this was my first outing shooting “events” as they say. It’s a bit odd, you dont want to be intrusive, and your kind of split between thinking, “well the owners want me to do this!”, and “I’m not sure that person wants to be photographed…why is everyone looking at me!”. So I tried to go more, fly on the wall to get a feel for the event and not just people posing for the sake of it. I went half and half and I guess it worked out ok.

Note to self, buy a spare battery. The fuji guzzles more alkaline than Johnny 5, a lesson learned.

Hope everyone had a great night and enjoy the snaps!


A big thanks to everyone that came out on the night and to those who are set on visiting the exhibit. It’s important that we continue to show our support for the local art community and to businesses like Galway Bay Galleries. The owners and artists go to great lengths behind the scenes to put on quality events and help to limelight the talent that so deserves it. Your attendance, feedback and purchases go a long way in rewarding that effort and ensuring the future for Galway’s creative talents.


About Paul Wilson Photography

I am a mid-week factory worker and a passionate weekend photographer. I also enjoy digital and traditional art, staying fit and online gaming!

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