The Canon 5D is a toy…

So I arrived far too late to go through a proper street photography/walk and shoot day. The sun is all but gone nearing 5pm in Galway these days, so getting into town at 3:45 means you’ve probably got less than an hour to shoot anything worth showing.

I’m still getting to grips with my Fuji x100. It’s a totally different machine to any DSLR I’ve used, and although the same photographic principles apply, there’s all kinds of things that can go right or wrong with a fixed focal compact.

The most interesting part of the day had to be the lens that Peter turned up with. Mounted on his 5D was a fairly bizarre looking home made contraption. A piece of sticky tape and a blotch of some weird ink or something. These probably look like some cheesy iPhone app but this is what his 5D see’s when he applies the right settings. The view finder gives little or no indication as to what the colours may look like, but you can see a partially visible image, enough to find a good frame. I’m really impressed, considering these images have no post process whatsoever, this is camera raw on a full frame 5D!




About Paul Wilson Photography

I am a mid-week factory worker and a passionate weekend photographer. I also enjoy digital and traditional art, staying fit and online gaming!

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