No Frills Portraiture

She’ll probably kill me for posting this but anyway. I still don’t have my kit but I’m productively spending my time revisiting old images on a recovered hard drive. As soon as I looked at this I knew it was worth a shine, and with no fancy gadgets or lighting effects, I can see that it’s an everyman portrait that any photographer could appreciate.  This shot was taken within 2-3 weeks buying my camera. I know this because the lens I used here is one I had for a couple of weeks. Also I sold it fairly quickly, and looking at this image I’m not all that sure why. I guess starting with a prime lens(no zoom, only one fixed focal length) doesn’t help a beginner to understand the fundamentals of framing, without forcing the budding newcomer to move his/her ass to frame ever corner of a shot just right.

I sold my Sigma 1.4 and bought a 17-55mm 2.8 which served me so well up until a week ago when I off-loaded all my kit.

This was shot while Emilia was watching tv, but with a flash mounted on top, aimed up at the ceiling to bounce the light around, you get a balanced and well lit image from a blatantly uninspired location. A bit of levels tweaking and hint of split tone with hue and saturation layers were the overall adjustments. Although admittedly, I had to use some cheeky clone stamping to remove some loose hairs crossing her face and forehead.

No fancy hair style, no make-up. Just a casual easy image for a girl that’s easy on the eye. If only all my work could be conducted from the living room couch! 😀


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I am a mid-week factory worker and a passionate weekend photographer. I also enjoy digital and traditional art, staying fit and online gaming!

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