Life without a Lens

So, I sold all of my camera equipment lately. What spurred that rash decision?  Well I was eyeing up a lens that far out-prices the camera that I was going to mount it on. It was easy to see that this piece of glass shines best on a full frame body, and in my cropped sensor bubble I was never likely to see the full beauty of this beast on a Canon 60D.

Following my regular pattern of buy and sell, I’m changing my kit out, but feel a bit lost in the meantime. My camera phone isn’t remotely satisfying enough so I’m dragging through my old hard drive to see what I might have left behind!

This is my sister Jess, around 10 minutes before a night out. It makes a pleasant change from the the stereotype of “rock and roll chick” photoshoots. Where all we get is a stick thin model with no interest in the subject, wearing torn fishnets, a shitty leather jacket and a bad backcombed hairdo. That’s not metal,punk or anything of the sort, it’s a sad stereotype. I wish I had more time with Jess for this one, as I was just getting things right when their cab arrived and they had to go. But some day soon we’ll get back to it!

I’m going to make a big effort to work on some low key fashion/beauty shots this year. It’s not my style or even my immediate interest, but I need to get out of my comfort zone and try some things that I might screw up, so I can learn what I do along the way and apply it to my preferred subjects.

Adjustments: levels, black/grey balance, slight desaturation, and crop(this is actually a full body shot but I the main detail was in the face and make-up.



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I am a mid-week factory worker and a passionate weekend photographer. I also enjoy digital and traditional art, staying fit and online gaming!

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