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I’ve been staying up way too late these days due to a silly work routine and a wealth of computer games keeping me online until 5am most days. While I make an effort to at least roll over at around 11am, sometimes I need a bit more incentive to get up on time. Today I got a last minute text from Alan Ryan saying he was heading to the Doughishka skate park for a session and that I should get a move on.

Bleary eyed but motivated, I dragged myself all of 400m around the corner in my estate, knowing we had around 1 or 2 hours of usable ambient light left. There’s not much to consider about this other than that it’s my first session since Kings Of Concrete. I think I learned a few things at that event, I certainly feel as though I know what I like and I know what I want to achieve. I’m not a fan of the ultra wide angle approach so I’m not shooting at the receded end of my 17-55mm, but instead shoot at around 35-40mm to remove any curve distortion. Also, I didn’t use any crop tool on these 2 images. I’ve taken them straight from the camera and the reason I do this is to get used to practical composition in the viewfinder, and to frame my images the way they’re meant to be viewed.

We’ll probably do something again soon. Hopefully with a bit more ambient light and focus direction from me. I found that a lot of my photos were ever so slightly front focussed. So even these are not on the button with focus but the best of a bad bunch. The colour just kind of happened when I went to adjust the white balance in my RAW viewer. The photos were very blue and grey because of the park so a bit of warmth gave it a subtle split tone without affecting the shadows too much.

These photos are the result of less than an hours shooting, maybe less than 40 minutes even. But it was cold and the ramps were wet and dangerously slippy so we wrapped up in lightning fast time. I might have a few more from this session but I never like to put too many images out that look like repetition of the same thing from a different angle much to the disappointment of the people I photograph I gather.

Thanks for looking!


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