In broad daylight…

Trying to clear up space on my hard drive of all the useless RAW images I have. Weighing in at 32mb a photograph, it’s not long before are TB hard drive gets tighter for space than a japanese train. So I pulled two from times past. The first was taken on a random trip to Dublin on a lens hunt if I remember rightly. There was several chinese protesters having a peaceful demonstration regarding war crimes and religious oppression in their home country. There were several people praying and in meditation around the spire, this image was probably the nicest composition of the lot. At the time I think I disregarded it because the pram on the left hand side and the passing car on the right. I felt that these element cluttered the image and detracted from the subject. On reinspection I think these elements probably add to the image. Clearly stationed outside a symbol of own nationality and our own blood mottled past (the GPO) she seems completely isolated in meditation and unaffected by the sway of the city around her. Without trying to talk up the image so much, I guess it’s got it’s own degree of integrity but it’s interesting how my own perspective has changed on this one.

Another I found on my hard drive travels was from the kings of concrete event during the summer. I took a lot of images at this event and learned a lot about composition, and framing. I have no idea why I over looked this image the first time. As soon as I opened it up this time it jumped straight out at me as one that should have been in my competition entry. To briefly explain, when I sit to look at the images I’ve taken, I generally make a mistake by only looking at the thumbnail previews I like the look of, generally negating everything else. This image tells me that I really need to snap out of that and review every image I take in order to make the right choices for the stuff I put out. Anyway I like it and hope you do to.

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