Lost and Found….

Was looking through my old hard drive today doing some house cleaning of excess from previous shoots. Not sure how I missed this one the first time. Anyway this was Dave O’Niell, several weeks out from this years NABBA 2011.

I wish I had more opportunities like this for regular old school poses in the gym. One of my favourite images of all time is this one from a shoot Dorian Yates did back in 1993. Kevin Horton was the photographer and was probably one of the more prolific photographers of the era but regardless of his output, this set, which consists of around 4 poses all equally as well known as the other, stood out as a benchmark for both photographers and bodybuilders. This seemed to be the most hardcore way to look and way to shoot.

For photographers, the shot below was at around 500iso, so noise was present but I like the film look for this style anyway.

Anyway I’ll be doing a set like this soon and would like to make it common place for any bodybuilders I shoot.

Thanks for looking!


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