Cable Time with Calin Brehaita


WOW, it’s been a long time since I’ve got to post anything here. I can admit it’s mainly through laziness and a lack of viable material to submit, but yeah it’s mainly laziness.

So I made a point recently of trying to focus on bodybuilding, fitness modelling and people in general. Although I didn’t want to find myself treading the same path and just shooting “fashion” models even though this does seem to be the occupied avenue for those unsure of their place in the industry. Now there are quite a few folks who have hit that nail right on the head and should pursue that industry with everything they have (you know who you are!) but there’s not enough room at the inn for everyone, so I won’t even bother.

What does interest me is bodybuilders, fitness freaks, power lifters and anyone who’s decided to test the physical limits of their meat wagon. So I haggled my way into a training session with Calin Brehaita. I didn’t get many shots due to the video shoot that was happening simultaneously. I think I’ve learned that a photoshoot needs to have focus and priority as much as a video shoot, and in this case too many cooks spoiled the broth. But these two worked out well for and for the few minutes I had they looked great straight off the camera. The space I had, the already present ambient light and a few cheeky lights, helped to make the two images below. Simple stuff, but effective when your target looks as over developed as this guy.

I wish I had more time with him as he was just out of competition and not holding much water from the week before. The tough thing about shooting fitness shots is that you need to get the model at their best, which might be all year round for the leaner types, or 4-6 weeks of a year for the mass freaks. I’m hoping to setup a kind of calender for bodybuilders that I can keep track of all year round and just meet up with them when the season suits.

Anyway their nothing magical but turned out nice and I’m in desperate need of some more posts AND bodybuilders willing to work with me. My goal is to become the premier fitness photographer in Ireland and to follow in the footsteps of people like Per Bernal who has set a very high standard for the rest of us.

Thanks for reading, and if you didn’t read and your just looking at the pictures, that’s fine to! 😀


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I am a mid-week factory worker and a passionate weekend photographer. I also enjoy digital and traditional art, staying fit and online gaming!

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