Ah Go On….

Convincing Emilia to get out of her pyjamas and dress for a quick photo session is no simple task. Hampered further when you account for her being stuck into some TV mini series on a rainy and overcast saturday afternoon! But that’s what happened. A few weeks of “foundation bickering” to let her know that she has to make the effort if she wants to be immortalized in her youthful state went a long way in this case!

Knowing it was overcast and probably going to rain puts a bit of a dampener on things. The winds could pick up, and if you plan on using shoot-thru umbrellas, your going to have a job on your hands trying to balance your models happiness along with the physical act of balancing your light stands against a pestering gust. Anyway this is all new to me. I dont know what its like to shoot overcast with lights, or even sunny with lights. I’ve only ever used them once, 2 weeks ago. And that was indoors in very different circumstances. So moving forward I need to be aware that the same settings dont fit every scenario and it’s important to practice,stay optimistic and positive and not feel disappointed that your not getting great shots straight away.

Also, your model needs to understand that an awkward or silly feeling pose might make a dramatic looking shot. So getting her/him to relax and mess around with it might take some time. While their loosing up you can be experimenting with your lighting!

I took a tonne of photos with many different settings, both on the camera and the flash units. Trying to remember all the “pro-tips” I’ve read about online these past weeks. But to be honest you can only use them as a rough guideline, as much of what I was told just didnt work in such low light. I’ve also been messing around with my post process. I want to try and define a bit of a style for myself. Both in my shooting and in my post-work.

What that style will be has yet to be determined but this came out nice!


About Paul Wilson Photography

I am a mid-week factory worker and a passionate weekend photographer. I also enjoy digital and traditional art, staying fit and online gaming!

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