Building The Church

To people who know me they will agree that fitness and bodybuidling are probably fairly important parts of my life. I’ve found, amongst other benefits, it’s kept me out of trouble and in good health for the last 5 years or so, regardless of my fluctuating level of commitment.

It’s through this that I have forged a lot of my friendships and more recently that has evolved into the requirement for some of my professional skills to be put to the test. I was asked by 2 time Mr.Ireland bodybuilding champion, Dawid Geler, to do some photographs for a publication in a bodybuilding supplementary magazine from Trec Nutrition. The objective wasn’t entirely clear to me from the beginning, and in a way it still isn’t. I wasn’t aware of the strategy with the project. Did the pictures need to be tutorial based, as in “In example one you can see the shoulders are parallel with the ground” etc. Or if they could be more commercially orientated. Well I worked with what I was given, which was very little direction as to what the outcome needed to be. It was also my first time using purposeful lighting in this way so that was difficult but for the style I think it is turning out ok.

Here is a sample of some of the shots I have done so far, I’m thinking of doing 6 images in total, if I even have that many worthy shots to submit. Either way I need to be done by Saturday so the pressure is on!! Click on the images below for full sizes.

Dawid Geler Mid-Shoulder Press

Dawid Geler - Front Raises

It’s not a subject everyone is going to be into but as a photographer it’s important to pick a topic that you have some knowledge of and an interest in. This will help you to use all the examples you’ve seen while you’ve been involved with the activity and best put that knowledge to good use. I will be posting pictures of the actual article after it has gone to print. Fingers crossed it even gets that far! 😛



About Paul Wilson Photography

I am a mid-week factory worker and a passionate weekend photographer. I also enjoy digital and traditional art, staying fit and online gaming!

2 responses to “Building The Church

  1. Nice post dude, I especially like the Mid-Shoulder press shot, framed really well and a great angle, magazine quality undoubtedly.

  2. Thanks a lot Dan! Sure we’ll see anyway, I’ll post up the rest of them by Saturday!

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