Love And Smoking

“My first love was like smoking – both bad habits and both totally seductive – and as time goes by, my addiction to both lingers until they intertwine, interchange, and become inseparable in my mind – forming a nostalgia on the brain, for which there is no cure.”

Hicks – November 1992



Headshot Housemates

Took these the other day, not really arsed talking about them but the process is a work in progress. Continue reading

Fedrizzi Shoot – Kim

In case anyone is wondering, all these images are private for now and are only being shown to the folks at the shoot! Continue reading

Party Favors

I’ve meandered through this set of photos like a wi-fi enabled hobo in a new alley. Shuffling back and forth between each image trying to recall the running order of the evening and using the shots as benchmarks to navigate the spaces in between. Continue reading

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